Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people - Discover what this means

Well done! You survived!

Hopefully you’ve been sent the link to this page after completing your first session – or your first few sessions – volunteering with us.

Thanks for giving us a go. We hope you’ve enjoyed it so far!

Below, we’ll take you through the next stages, step by step. Tick each item as you do it and the next step will appear…

Things you need to know

Sometimes there are things you may need to know about before they are covered in training.

There are also some local things here in Wrexham which won’t be covered.

Here are a few of these things you need to know…

Young People First

Our code of practice (also known as the Yellow card) sets out guidance for all adults in Scouts – click here for full details

A few house rules

We don’t want to go on about rules & regulations, we’re all here to have fun after all, but there are a few things we’d like you to remember…

  • Every activity must have a named Leader in charge, and this person, the other adults, and the young people need to know who it is
  • Be aware of the number of young people are taking part in the activity you are running and you do frequent head counts to ensure nobody is missing
  • A risk assessment must be in place for every activity. It must be recorded, and shared with the team
  • If you are taking the young people away from the normal meeting place, or are meeting outside of your usual hours, you must let the District Commissioner know
  • Only adults with the appropriate permits may run adventurous activities and events which involve a young person having a night away from home
  • Young Leaders are young people and must be treated as such, including adults not being alone with them, and providing separate sleeping accommodation from both the Beavers, Cubs and/or Scouts, and the adults
  • Please don’t go to the media about getting press coverage for your Section, instead contact the District Commissioner first.
We’re here to support you

Supporting you all are the District Team.

These people are all volunteers and many have Group and Unit roles too, but we do our best to help you.

Who are the District Team?

I Promise…

For Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders you will need to be a Member of the Scout Association, to become a Member you just need to accept our fundamentals and make the Scout Promise.

This will usually be done in an informally in front of your Section by your line manager. We encourage people to do this in a fun, active, memorable way rather than a stuffy ceremony.

Section Assistants only need to be Associate Members and so don’t need to make the Promise, but of course they can if they would like.

It’s not a toggle

The adult uniform is a stone coloured shirt worn with a necker. Some leaders use a ‘woggle’ to hold their necker on, others are more cool and tie it in a friendship knot!

Each Group has a different coloured necker. There is a District necker which is black with a light blue border, worn by members of the District Team and all Explorer Scouts.

You can click & collect your uniform from Wrexham Scout Shop.

We have a campsite!

We own 12 acres of woodland between Marford and Rossett which Sections are welcome to use: both for camping and evening meetings.

Please make sure you book, even for evening visits which are free but must be coordinated.

Find out more at coxwood.org.uk

We have a headquarters

We own a large two story building with a large hall and several smaller rooms in central Wrexham.

The main hall has a climbing wall which can be booked out.

The building also houses lots of resources, including kayaks which Sections can borrow, plus the Resource Centre has lots of smaller items to help you run your programmes.

Find out more.