Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people - Discover what this means

Quiet Fund

Thanks to the kind support of former Wrexham Scout, Peter Fox, we are able to offer funding for those young people and adult volunteers who would otherwise struggle to take part in Scouts.

We understand that people aren’t often keen to ask for help like this, and this is why it’s the Quiet Fund. It will be managed in a subtle, confidential way. We won’t ask for the names of those who need the help, trusting those in their Section or Group to apply on their behalf.

If you are the parent of a young person who needs a little financial help to enjoy Scouts, please have a quiet word with their leader. If you’re an adult volunteer who needs help, speak to someone you trust in your Section or Group.

The fund can be accessed to cover the costs directly incurred by participating in Scouts, including subscription fees (subs), activities, events and camps, travel, and uniform.

There is no minimum or maximum fund amount which can be claimed however it should be noted that the fund is finite and that all applications will be treated equally and on their own merits. There can, therefore, be no guarantees that a request will be met in either part or full on every occasion.

Every attempt should be made to cover or reduce costs locally, e.g. costs can be reduced by ensuring used uniform is passed on, putting parents in contact to arrange shared lifts, etc.

Please note parents/carers and young people cannot apply directly.

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Clwyd Scouts New Horizons Fund

For international expeditions, you can also apply for funding from the Clwyd Area Scouts New Horizons Fund.

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