Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people - Discover what this means

Volunteer – District based

Want to make a big impact behind the scenes? Your time and skills can make a difference in so many ways.

Not all volunteers work directly with young people. Locally, regionally and nationally, many help out in other ways.

Working in teams, they might:

  • Get the best out of volunteers, using their people and leadership skills
  • Spread the word about Scouts to attract new members
  • Help with admin, fundraising, finances, operations or governance
  • Keep everything running smoothly on the ground – from serving tea and coffee, helping to tidy up after meetings or sessions, driving or keeping meeting places in tip top condition

Not sure how you’d like to help yet, or how much time you have to give? No worries. Your local team can chat you through a whole host of options – including flexible and occasional volunteering.

On this page you’ll find our current vacancies – the names we’ve used aren’t the official Scouts ones, instead we’ve tried to use terms which actually say what the role does. Assistant District Commissioner won’t mean much to most people!

We’ve also split some roles up a bit to make things more flexible. Some people might prefer just to be an Activity Runner for example without having to do the planning as well, while others may be interested in being a Programme Planner without actually having to turn up each week and run things. Some people might like to combine the two, and that’s fine too!

Click on an opportunity for more info…

14-18 Administrator

Open Volunteer Spots: Closed

Help with administration and communication for the 14-18 Explorers age group, including keeping accurate member records and working with adult volunteers in the 10-14 Scouts age group to encourage transfer…Find Out More

Volunteering Development Team

Where: Wrexham and surrounding area Open Volunteer Spots: 9

What does it involve: We need people with great people skills to help recruit new adult volunteers and support them as they’re getting started. Example tasks: Chatting to parents and…Find Out More

Media Team Leader

Open Volunteer Spots: Closed

Works with group based volunteers to share what they are doing with the outside world. Regularly sends in great stories of local Scouting to the media. In Scout Lingo: Media…Find Out More

Section supporter

Where: Across Wrexham Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

Supports group based leaders by visiting groups & organising occasional District events In Scout Lingo Assistant District Commissioner. What we need from you: We’d need you to complete a DBS…Find Out More

Now and Againer

Open Volunteer Spots: Unlimited

If you want to help out but can’t make every week, that’s fine by us. We often need more help on occasional events or with short-term projects. If this suits…Find Out More