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Privacy policy

Wrexham Scouts are currently updating our Privacy Policy. These are the steps we are going through:

  • Step 1: What do I need to know about GDPR?
    • We have met to go through all we need to know about GDPR as a District Executive Committee and are clear about the next steps. All our Leaders are currently completing GDPR training which needs to be completed by 31st December 2018
  • Step 2: Who is responsible for what?
    • Our Data Controller is the District Executive Committee. Our Data Processors are members of the District Team, Explorer Scout Leaders and our Appointments Advisory Committee.
  • Step 3: Appointing a data protection lead
    • We have asked Clwyd Scout Area, of which we are part, to look into appointing a data protection lead for the whole Area which would cover Wrexham District Scouts
  • Step 4: Understanding data subjects
    • Our data subjects are all adult members in Wrexham District, all Explorer Scouts and their parents and anyone who enquires about membership of Wrexham Scouts
  • Step 5: Gathering data
    • We are currently examining how we gather data and making sure we are compliant
  • Step 6: Data discovery
    • We are currently examining the data we hold and checking whether we need to hold it and how it is held
  • Step 7: Keep a record
  • Step 8: Check your security
    • We are currently reviewing the security of the data we hold
  • Step 9: Third parties
    • We have several third parties who hold our data, such as our internet service provider who hosts this site, and Online Scout Manager who hold information on our Explorer Scouts. We are currently reviewing their compliancy
  • Step 10: Publish your privacy stance
  • Step 11: Delete and destroy
    • We will securely delete and destroy all data we do not need to hold as soon as this review is over, and then consistently according to our policy
  • Step 12: Responding to a breach
    • We will outline how we are going to respond to a breach in our policy as soon as our review is completed, and set up a breach register

Subject access requests

Subject access requests for data held by Wrexham District Scouts should be made to our District Commissioner at dc@wrexhamscouts.org.uk or by writing to:

District Commissioner
Wrexham District Scout Council
Wrexham District Scout Headquarters
Station Approach
LL11 2AA

Please note, Subject Access Requests for data held by local Scout Groups should be made directly to the relevant Scout Group as each Scout Group operates as a separate charity and each is a Data Controller in its own right.

Contact the Information Commissioner’s Office