Resource Centre

Sadly we don’t currently have anyone to man the Resource Centre so it’s just a case of people popping in and picking up what they need – please do make sure you book whatever you take in the book so we know where it’s gone. We will need to trust people with this!

Wondering what to do or short of equipment? We might have some ideas or the resources for a new activity!

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Click here to see what’s in one of the boxes!

It appears that some of the newer Leaders do not know about the Resource Centre or what we are able to provide in terms of information or equipment. We are between the Shop and Sandra Jones’s office at District H.Q. so when visiting either of these pop in and see us! Listed below are some of the areas we cover.

Display Boards

The district has a set of quality display boards for use at District or Group events – useful for A G M’s. They can only be used inside and whoever takes them must undertake full responsibility for them – in other words if they get damaged then your Group will have to stand the cost when we have them repaired [or worse still replaced!!!!] You will need to book them in advance

Badge/Award Information

There are boxes containing books, leaflets, illustrations and work sheets etc.


A range of charts on things like Safety at Camp to Astronomy.

Art and Craft

There is a variety of card and paper, powder paints, plaster craft moulds etc.. The expendables are for sale and things such as moulds you can borrow. We do have some card in various shapes and sizes which was donated to us and this is free so just ask.

Sports Equipment

Groups normally have their own for general use in games etc but for a special event ours is available – hoops, balls, skipping ropes, bean bags, sacks etc. etc..

Circus Skills

There is a complete “Circus Kit” including 2 mono cycles – Excellent for sports/ keep fit night.


There are 2 which Groups can borrow free of charge. [For use with 16 children each.]


There are 2 available for Group use under the supervision of a qualified First Aider together with charts and a DVD BUT you will need to book these in advance.

Assorted Resources

  • 2 Feelie Boxes
  • 2 Mirror writing Boxes
  • Assorted balls
  • Paddling Pools – assorted sizes and useful for activities other than water!!
  • Hobby Horses
  • Hockey Sticks
  • Candle Making Kit
  • Inflatable balls and rounders sticks – excellent for an indoor games night

Below are some of the activities for which we are able to provide enough resources for a complete badge /activity night :-

  • Astronomy
  • Mini-pioneering
  • Local History
  • Science
  • Craft
  • Home safety
  • Water Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Map Reading
  • Mini Cooking ( 8 bean tin cookers)
  • International
  • District/ Area Badges

Scouting and Memorabilia

Ron Edwards, the district Archivist, has a wonderful collection of Scouting Artefacts and posters and is happy to come along to Groups.

If there is anything you could use and your group does not want to purchase it have a word with us and we can perhaps buy it for the District.

We generally do not charge for items borrowed but we might sometimes require a returnable deposit.

If you know someone who could volunteer to man the Resource Centre on Wednesday evenings from 6.30-8.30pm, please contact us!