Coronavirus - We are currently in the Yellow Readiness Level, which means outdoor and indoor activities are allowed subject to certain restrictions. For the latest updates, please click here.

We’d love you to join our team of volunteers, helping young people have adventures – as well as getting loads out of it yourself!

On these pages you’ll find our current vacancies – the names we’ve used aren’t the official Scouts ones, instead we’ve tried to use terms which actually say what the role does. Assistant District Commissioner won’t mean much to most people!

We’ve also split some roles up a bit to make things more flexible. Some people might prefer just to be an Activity Runner for example without having to do the planning as well, while others may be interested in being a Programme Planner without actually having to turn up each week and run things. Some people might like to combine the two, and that’s fine too!

First choose which sort of opportunity suits you…

Group based

Helping out at your local Section

District based

Supporting all the Sections in Wrexham

Young Leader

Volunteer if you’re aged 14 to 18


Volunteering at a one of event or project