Groups & Units

Our 15 Scout Groups are listed below and cater for girls & boys aged 6-8 years (Beaver Scouts ), 8-10½ (Cub Scouts ) and 10½-14 (Scouts )

A1st HopeBeavers Cubs Scouts
B1st RossettBeavers Cubs Scouts
Cox Wood Campsite
1st BwlchgwynBeavers Cubs Scouts
1st GwersylltBeavers Cubs Scouts
1st GresfordBeavers Cubs Scouts
1st MossBeavers Cubs Scouts
1st CoedpoethBeavers Cubs Scouts
1st RhosnesniBeavers Beavers Cubs Cubs Scouts
District Headquarters
Scout Shop
41st WrexhamBeavers Cubs Scouts
6th WrexhamBeavers Cubs Scouts
Bishop’s OwnBeavers Cubs Scouts
1st EsclushamScouts
1st MarchwielBeavers
1st Overton (Bangor Cubs)Cubs
1st OvertonBeavers Cubs Scouts

Those aged 14-18 are Explorer Scouts. They can choose to attend any of our three Explorer Scout Units which run active programmes for their age range, to volunteer to help out as a Young Leader one of Scout Groups above, or to do both!

Our Explorer Scout Units are:

Atlas ESU
Bryn-y-Pys ESU
Young Leaders ESU

Those who are aged 18-25 are members of Scout Network

If you have trouble contacting a Group or Unit please email – if it’s a joining enquiry please email