We want more young people in Wrexham to be able to enjoy the adventure of Scouting, so we want to grow the numbers of both young people and the adults who are crucial to support them.

When most people think of growth, they think of recruitment. But if we don’t ensure that those who we recruit are welcomed properly, then looked after, if we don’t manage their possible succession through the movement and don’t handle their leaving properly, we will lose them.

We want everyone in the District to read through the links below which give some great ideas of how to recruit adults and young people, properly look after their induction, support them once they’ve settled, succession plan and manage exit.

We’re asking Groups to invite us along to talk to you about these ideas and how they work for you.

Once you’ve had one of these presentations, please fill in a Growth Plan for your Group.

We’ve also done this for District:

This was our completed planner for 2017/18

This is our outcome based on the planner