We ask most of our adult volunteers to undertake training appropriate to their role. Leaders and Assistant Leaders need to complete Modules 1-19 (Wood Badge) and Section Assistants just Modules 1 & 3. Managers have a separate training scheme now.

You don’t necessarily need to attend a training course to complete a Module – have a look at the validation sheets below and if you think you meet the requirements (you may have prior knowledge or experience which you can demonstrate) then have a chat to your Training Advisor who will sign you off if they are satisfied.

If you do need to attend a course, once you’ve attended it you still need to chat to your Training Advisor and meet the validation requirements before they’ll sign you off for that Module.

First Response

Latest courses

Adult Training  Getting started Modules 1 & 3 (Adult Training)
Sun 01 Mar 2020
District validation  Open Validation (District validation)
Wed 04 Mar 2020
Adult Training  First Response Course (Adult Training)
Sun 15 Mar 2020
Adult Training  Autism workshop (Adult Training)
Wed 18 Mar 2020
Adult Training  Module 17 Running safe Activities (Adult Training)
Sun 22 Mar 2020
Adult Training  Module 18 Practical Skills (Adult Training)
Sun 22 Mar 2020
Adult Training  Module 16 An Introduction to residential experiences (Adult Training)
Sun 22 Mar 2020
Adult Training  Safeguarding (Adult Training)
Sun 29 Mar 2020
Adult Training  Exec training (Adult Training)
Tue 31 Mar 2020

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Module Validation Sheets

Module 1 – Essential Information
Module 3 – Tools for the Role (Leaders)
Module 5 – The Fundamentals of Scouting
Module 6 – Changes in Scouting
Module 7 – Scouting for all
Module 8 – Skills of Leadership
Module 9 – Working with adults
Module 11 – Administration
Module 12B – Programme Planning
Module 13 – Growing the Section
Module 14 – Supporting Young People
Module 15 – Promoting positive behaviour
Module 16 – Introduction to Residential Experiences
Module 17 – Running safe activities
Module 18 – Practical skills
Module 19 – International

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