Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people - Discover what this means

District Team

The District Team* are there to support the Groups and Units in the District.

We are currently in the middle of transforming how we volunteer in Scouts, and so the District Team will soon become the Leadership Team, the 14-24 Team, the Programme Team, the Support Team and the Volunteering Development Team. More on this here.

David Morris

Lead Volunteer

Sue Lister

Leadership Team

Nicola Morris

Trustee Chair

Ethan & Meg

District Youth Leads

Colleen Graham

Programme Team

Sue Mort

Programme Team

Anne-Marie Roberts

Resource Centre

Paul Rogers

Shop Team

Caroline Frankel

Shop Team

*according to the Policy, Organisation & Rules of The Scout Association, the District Team comprises the District Explorer Scout Commissioner, District Scout Network Commissioner, all Assistant District Commissioners and District Scouters – however we like to think of all the people on this page as being part of our wider team