District Team

The District Team* are there to support the Groups and Units in the District.

Moz Morris

District Commissioner

Sue Lister

Deputy District Commissioner

Nicola Morris

District Chair

Ethan & Meg

District Youth Commissioners

Colleen Graham

Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers)

Sue Mort

Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs)

Andrew McGregor-Andrew

Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts)

Steve Love

District Explorer Scout Commissioner


Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Advisor


Media Manager

Ian McLean

Assistant District Commissioner (Activities)


District Training Manager

Tony Pattinson

District Headquarters Manager

Anne-Marie Roberts

Resource Centre Manager

Caroline Frankel

Badge Secretary

Chris Maddocks

Cox Wood Campsite Manager

Sharon Seaton

Membership Enquiries

Paul Rogers

Shop Manager

*according to the Policy, Organisation & Rules of The Scout Association, the District Team comprises the District Explorer Scout Commissioner, District Scout Network Commissioner, all Assistant District Commissioners and District Scouters – however we like to think of all the people on this page as being part of our wider team