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What we’ve achieved…

On this page are listed completed actions recently – and some of the many actions which are in progress

February 2019-May 2019

  • Held two All Leaders’ Meetings where we updated everyone on our Development Plan progress, reminded them on District functions, consulted volunteers on what would make their lives easier, how they want to communicate and whether adult volunteers should pay for events
  • Continued meeting with Group Scout Leaders for updates on how things were going and produced action plans
  • Held a Group Scout Leaders’ meeting where we went over outcomes from All Leaders’ Meetings
  • Set up Slack for the District, encouraged people to join and put on training – within first few months vast majority of District Team, District Exec, Group Scout Leaders and Section Leaders were on board
  • Completed Census 2019 which showed a 6.4% increase in youth membership and 3.4% increase in volunteer numbers
  • Appointed new Appointments Committee Chair! Thanks to Anne for running the Committee for the last 10 years and to Alan for taking over the reigns
  • Produced Planning for Growth booklets which summarised our Growth Plan and handed out to all Section Leaders and Group Scout Leaders
  • Held District Team meeting where we went over outcomes from All Leaders’ Meetings
  • Fed-back to all Leaders on the outcomes from the All Leaders’ Meetings
  • Consulted on Communications Strategy with District Team, District Exec and Group Scout Leaders
  • Produced Communications Strategy, put it online and produced letters for all those with adult appointments apart from Occasional Helpers
  • Held successful Cubs Chester Zoo trip – used new online booking system for District events
  • Successful event for Beavers at Techniquest, also using online bookings
  • Held our first ever Promise Day as replacement for St George’s Day – an afternoon of skills bases at Bellevue Park – great success

October 2018-January 2019

July-September 2018

  • Welcome packs printed and sent to all GSLs and Appointments Secretary
  • HQ manager recruited – welcome Tony Pattison
  • Fixed dates for District meetings sorted
  • Recruited James Pitt as District Youth Commissioner
  • Paul Forret recruited as District Secretary
  • Contacted Bangor-on-Dee racecourse re District Camp
  • Applied for adult awards
  • Arranged venue for Christmas Celebration
  • Planned Scouts Hallowe’en trip, Beavers Music day and Cubs Iron Bridge trip
  • Met with Ben Ledsham, our Media Manager, completed his training and helped to sort plan
  • Taken District bank account online & started sorting District budget for 2019
  • Sent out results of calendar plan survey and started planning 2019 listening to results
  • Started work on user contracts for HQ
  • Started work on District GDPR toolkit
  • Recruited Neil Curtis to Training Team and planned for training progress
  • Booked leaders onto Safeguarding Train the Trainer courses