Communications Strategy

Adult volunteers: click here for a list of actions we need you to do to help us make this strategy reality and a list of Comms Cafés to support you

As volunteers, it’s important that we are able to communicate with each other efficiently.

We need to ensure that we:

  • don’t miss things
  • aren’t flooded with information
  • aren’t wasting precious time

We can achieve these aims by keeping communications as simple as possible, but also by using technology which is available to us.

After consultation, we’ve agreed to move to a new strategy of communicating between Members:

For project management and planning we will use:

For external communications we will use:

  • Facebook
    • We know that Groups & Units will still use Facebook to communicate with parents & Explorer Scouts
    • We will use our Facebook Page to promote what we do to a wide audience, but won’t have a District Facebook Group (Slack has replaced this)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram