What District does

Here’s the main functions of a Scout District, which supports the Scout Groups and Explorer Scout Units:


We are directly responsible for all of the Explorer Scout Units in Wrexham. While they may meet in Scout Groups’ buildings, this is just via a partnership agreement – they are not part of the Scout Group and are managed by District.

We are also responsible for Scout Network for 18-25 year olds, and Scout Active Support Units for adults who aren’t attached to Groups but help out behind the scenes.


We help Leaders to gain activity permits by giving advice and putting on courses. The adventurous activity permits scheme ensures adults have sufficient skills and knowledge to put on canoeing, rock climbing, hillwalking etc.

Comms & Links

We help with communications both between our members and with external audiences through this website, our social media channels and face to face meetings.

Our Media Development Manager ensures we get good coverage in the media and we maintain ties with other organisations and Scouts outside our District. Our District Directory, updated monthly, helps Members see who’s who in other Groups and the wider District and make contact with them.


We help Groups and Units grow – both in terms of youth member and adult volunteer numbers and make plans for the future. We offer assistance with recruitment but also give advice on how best to retain the members we have. Our Appointments Advisory Committee welcome new adults and ensure they are suitable for the roles they are volunteering for.


The most visible part of what we do, our District events are enjoyed by hundreds of young people and adults every year. They ensure that our youth members realise there is more to the Scouts than the Section they belong to, and make things easier for Leaders through the scale of working together.

Exec & Safety

Our District Executive Committee supports local Scouting by ensuring everything we do is legal and above board, both financial and governance. From checking we are GDPR compliant to ensuring Groups have enough cash to pay their bills, giving advice on maintaining buildings to giving grants to young people travelling overseas, the District Exec is at the heart of everything we do. It keeps us safe, and sound.


We maintain our District headquarters building and are responsible for Cox Wood campsite, both essential resources to our Groups & Units. Within our HQ building we also run a Scout Shop and Resource Centre.

Group Support

We offer direct support and advice to Groups and Units, with our District Commissioner having regular meetings with Group Scout Leaders, and Assistant District Commissioners helping out at Sections when required.


We recognise the achievements of both young people by celebrating their attaining badges at our District Annual Review, and adult volunteers by giving out good and long service awards.


We ensure our adult volunteers and Young Leaders have the correct skills and knowledge required so they feel happy and confident in their roles, the we maintain a consistent standard of activities and so all our young people are safe and well looked after. We run training courses and validate prior knowledge & experience.

Youth Shaped

Our aim is that everything we do is a partnership between young people and adults. Our District Youth Commissioner works with our District Commissioner to ensure we meet this aim and hold regular youth forums and consultations. We try to involve young people in the planning and delivery of all District events.