Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people - Discover what this means

New adult volunteer – GSLs checklist

Recommended timeline for welcoming new adult volunteers for Group Scout Leaders to follow

  1. New volunteer attends first meeting
    firstly mainly observes and meets the team
  2. Group Scout Leader sends the new volunteer the link to our Welcome page – wrexhamscouts.org.uk/welcome
    please send this link within days of the new volunteer’s first session
  3. New volunteer attends several more meetings
    gradually starts to get involved and take on small tasks supported by a buddy
  4. New volunteer looks at role descriptions
    links to these via the welcome page
  5. Group Scout Leader chats with new volunteer about which role they’d like to take on
    don’t get too het up about this as will soon be changing
  6. New volunteer completes online Adult Information Form
  7. Referees are automatically emailed with an invitation to complete online reference
    if the new volunteer prefers to complete a paper version or editable pdf form, Group Scout Leader will need to manually enter referees details via this link
  8. Group Scout Leader is emailed details from Adult Information Form
  9. Group Scout Leader adds the details onto Compass and completes the DBS check for the new volunteer
    important to ask the new volunteer to complete their part of the disclosure immediately on receiving the email invitation (best to check they’ve received the email straight away).
  10. Referees complete online reference which is emailed to District Secretary
  11. District Secretary arranges Appointments Advisory Committee to meet with new volunteer as required
  12. New volunteer completes Getting Started learning within 5 months of appointment being created on Compass