On 23 April, BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief are getting together for their Big Day In on Radio and their Big Night In on TV, a massive fundraising special to celebrate the incredible people making a difference in communities across the UK and to support people who need it most during the corona crisis.

We want Wrexham Scouts to go the extra mile too. Together, young people, volunteers, parents and carers are going to Hike to the Moon. If we all hike just one mile each – about 2,000 steps or 20 minutes walking on the spot – then together, with the rest of the Scouts in the UK, we can complete the incredible 240,000 mile journey. To hit your one mile target, you can hike around your home or your garden (if you’ve got one) but please be safe and stick within government advice – you don’t need to leave your homes to be part of this.  

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Moon themed activities

As well as hiking to the moon we’ve got the following lunar activities…

  • Mystic biscuit moonsclick here for more info
  • Moon models – build a space rocket or moon lander out of Lego
  • The re-entry challenge – using materials found round your home, build a re-entry capsule with parachutes which will protect your astronaut (actually an egg) as it plummets back towards Earth