Also this Thursday, in place of Promise Day which we had planned to take place on Sunday, we’re holding Promise Hour…

Thursday 23rd April

19:00 Put your uniform on, and if your Section is connecting follow their instrictions
19:07 Renew your Scout Promise – either online with your Section if they’re doing that, or just at home knowing that millions of Scouts will be doing it at the same time – remember to make the Scouts sign with your right hand and maybe take a photo or video and post it on your Section’s Facebook group (Promise words below)
19:15 Make a Pledge – think about a way in which you can help other people, perhaps by drawing a picture for or writing a message to someone in a care home or hospital, or tidying your bedroom or tending a part of your garden – just something which will help someone else
19:30 Hike to the Moon – do some of your hike to the moon as below, or do one of our lunar themed activities
20:00 Clap for our Carers – join everyone else (observing social distancing of course) by clapping and making as much noise as you can to say a massive thank you to all those key workers who are keeping us going – Please wear your uniform for this

Beaver Scout Promise
Cub Scout Promise
Scout, Explorer and adult Promise