All Scouts get just one chance to attend a World Scout Jamboree as a participant. This is because these events are only open to those aged 14 and over, but under 18.

So, for current Scouts and Explorers who were born between 22 July 2001 and 21 July 2005, the upcoming 24th World Scout Jamboree will be their only chance.

We need to start spreading the word NOW so that they don’t miss this chance.

Yes, 2019 seems a very long way off, but the process of applying is very close now. Here’s an idea of the likely timeline…

  • Spring 2017 – Wales will be allocated a limited number of Units (each Unit is made up of 36 Scouts and 4 Leaders)
  • June 2017 – Unit Leaders appointed
  • Summer 2017 – participant selection details released
  • Autumn 2017 – applications open
  • Winter 2017 – participants selected
  • All of 2018 up until July 2019 – various prep camps & fundraising events which all participants will be expected to attend
  • July 22nd – August 2nd 2019 – World Scout Jamboree

So as you can see, those Scouts and Explorers who want to go, need to have made their minds up by this summer.

Can they afford it?

Lots of young people don’t get the chance to attend a Jamboree because either their Leaders decide on their behalf they can’t afford it, so don’t tell them about it, or their parents aren’t given the correct information and are scared off.

The last Unit which went from North Wales to a Jamboree raised over £70,000 to help towards Jamboree fees. Some who went managed to fundraise their entire Jamboree fee.

So the message is, don’t let the cost put anyone off.

What next?

Please tell any Scout or Explorer Scout you know born between 22 July 2001 and 21 July 2005 about THEIR Jamboree. If you’d like someone who went to the last Jamboree to come and tell them about their experiences, let us know. Share the video below – it’s fantastic!

Then, when we have more details about how to apply, we’ll share them with you.

Don’t let them miss their only chance! Thanks!