Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people - Discover what this means

Starting Cubs at 1st Esclusham

We’d love to start Cubs at 1st Esclusham.

Now most people are probably put off volunteering because they’re not totally sure what’s involved but that it’s probably going to take up lots of time.

But in reality, we’re after a team of people sharing lots of tasks. Lots of people doing a little bit rather than a few people doing a lot.

Have a look at the roles on this page (on the right or below the form depending on your device) and then fill in the form below to let us know if you THINK you might be able to have a go. No pressure, it’ll lead to a friendly chat, not a contractual obligation!

PLEASE – even if you CAN’T help, still fill in the form so that we at least know one way or the other!

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Activity Runner

Helps by taking charge of an activity with help from others and following training

Activity Helper

Help with an activity which has been planned by others

Programme Planner

Help out behind the scenes by helping to plan the programme, book venues, arrange guest speakers – all without having to attend the actual meetings

Stuff Getter

Help out by picking up one or two things from the shops and bring them when you drop your child off

Badge Recorder

Help out by keeping track of badge records online


Help out by posting on Facebook, taking occasional photos and generally sharing what’s going on


Help out by join the Group Committee which oversees things like finance, looking after the property etc