Photo of the Month

We need great quality photos of Scouting in Wrexham – and we need your help! So we’re launching our Photo of the Month competition.

To enter, just post your best photos in the #photo-of-the-month channel on our Slack workspace. Our Media Manager Ben will pick the best each month and that’ll be Photo of the Month.

Here’s the latest winners hosted on our Flickr page:

Golden Camera Award

Just before our AGM each year we’ll look at all the monthly winners and pick the best over all, and the Group or Unit who took it will be awarded the prestigious Golden Camera and win £50 – we’ll even provide them with a framed copy of their winning photo to put on their wall!

Good luck!

Photo tips

A great photo is easy to achieve – here’s some things to look out for

  • Don’t have too many people in shot: the most eye catching will only have two or three, that way you can see their expressions and connect with them. You’ll also know how difficult it is to make sure every single person in a big group shot is looking happy and at the camera
  • It’s often easier to get them to pose: while sometimes you will catch a very special moment naturally, it’s much easier if you tell everyone you’re taking a photo and get them to stand still, look at the camera and smile!
  • Turn your camera on its side: photos are much more useable when they’re landscape (on the side) rather than portrait (upright) – we can use them to fill a powerpoint slide or as a Facebook or Twitter cover picture if they are landscape.
  • Appoint a photographer for the night: if you’ve got an Occasional Helper, Section Assistant or Young Leader with an eye for a good photo, give them the role of capturing the event. Section Leaders and Assistants are often too busy to give much thought to taking pics!
  • Make the photo tell a story: using props is the easiest way to do this. If you’ve had a donation to go on an international trip to France, get the Scouts in striped tops, with onions round their necks!

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