Here are some ideas on making sure Scouting stays enjoyable and challenging for young people – click on the link where available

  • Make sure each young person always has something to look forward to – say a big camp or event
  • A great programme is what will keep young people coming back – how often do you plan? It’s fine to cancel one meeting per term so that the Leaders can get together to plan if you don’t have time otherwise
  • Give each young person increasing challenge appropriate to their age, it’s possible for example to get older Scouts to be putting up a mess tent while the younger ones are putting up a patrol tent
  • Also, give them increasing responsibility as they get older, for example making them a Seconder or Patrol Leader
  • Every young person should be gaining badges regularly throughout their time in the Section
  • Camping is why most young people love Scouting, so try to give them the chance to attend a camp or night away once a term
  • Ask them what they think! Remember we aim to be Youth Shaped
  • An opportunity to meet other Scouts from a different Group, District, County or even Country is a great way to keep the buzz – there are over 30 million Scouts worldwide, it’s one of our strengths so why not celebrate that fact!


It’s important to think about young people’s journey through Scouting, when they move on to the next Section, and when they reach adulthood  – find out about the next step: Succession