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Emailing via Compass

Leaders can use Compass to email other Leaders depending on their role. This probably isn’t much use to Section Leaders, but is handy for Group Scout Leaders and those with District roles.

Here’s how…

1. Log on to Compass, and click on the magnifying glass next to the red question mark, then select ‘My Members’
2. Click on ‘Role’ to filter by role, or ‘Group’ etc
3. Click ‘OK’ to load all data into grid
4. You can either use the Filter by text box – the filter in the example above shows all with roles with the Beaver Scout Section and Group Scout Leaders (would be nice to put ‘or District Commissioner’ too!)
5. Or you can tick the boxes next to the roles you want to send the email to
6. Click ‘Apply Filter’
7. Click ‘Messaging’
8. Untick ‘Alert’ and ‘SMS’ and then fill in the Subject and Message body.

If you want to add a link to a website, then this is how:


<a href=”http://www.internet-address-here”>

Before the text you want to click to go to the link



After it. For example

Please <a href=”http://www.internet-address-here”>Click here</a> for more info

Will show as

Please Click here for more info

9. Click Preview Message And Send, check it, then Send Messages

It’s a good idea to copy yourself in so you know it has sent. There is no ‘sent box’!