Wrexham Scouts are looking for anyone from builders, plumbers and electricians to DIY enthusiasts and odd-job men and women to help them maintain their buildings.

The Scouts have ten properties across Wrexham and repairs often fall to the leaders who are already busy putting on the activities for the young people.

With over 800 boys and girls taking part in activities such as camping, community service, electronics and public relations, Scouts prepares young people with skills for life.

But while they are learning those essential skills, it’s not quite safe for Cub Scouts to rewire a fuse box yet!

David Morris, Lead Volunteer with Wrexham Scouts said, “We’re looking for people to join a team of fixers and repairers who we can call upon when things break. Just lending a hand once every couple of months would help us massively.”

“For tradespeople we’re not asking for freebies, we’re happy to pay a fair price, but sometimes just a bit of advice would go a long way too so we can make sure we’re meeting all the regulations and keeping our young members – and adult volunteers – safe.”

Those that come forward wouldn’t be expected to look after all ten buildings, they could just concentrate on there local hut, or help at a couple.

Helen Smith-Jones is a volunteer at 1st Marchwiel and she said, “We love putting on fantastic activities each week for the young people, but can’t always find the time to do necessary repairs to our building.”

“We’re lucky that my brother helps out a lot, but not all groups have the same, and the more people who could join the Meeting Place Team the easier it’ll be to keep our premises safe.”

Helen’s son Rhys Jones, 8, said: “My mum and dad work really hard to make Cubs so much fun. I wish people will help us when our hut needs fixing.”

If anyone can help, there’s more information at wrexhamscouts.org.uk/meeting-places or phone 07779272340.