Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people - Discover what this means

Join our Meeting Place Team

We’re looking for volunteers to join our new Meeting Place Team, helping make sure our Scout huts are safe and fit for use.

You could either help at just one of our properties, cover them all, or somewhere in between.

What we need from you

  • Help sort things when you can
  • Respond if you can’t
  • Get quotes if a job is too big & deal with chosen contractor
  • Let us know if something isn’t safe

What you’ll get from us

  • Online learning so you’ll have the knowledge you need to help with Scouts
  • Support to help you to volunteer
  • Recognition for the time you give
  • A budget to pay for any expenses you incur volunteering

How we’ll work together

  • There’ll be a WhatsApp group you can join to be in touch with other volunteers in the team
  • We’ll all work together to share best practice and links to recommended contractors
  • If those who volunteer to help at just one of our meeting places can’t help, we’ll act as a team to cover