We’re pleased to unveil next year’s District Calendar!

This year we’ve really listened to all Leaders and Young Leaders, through our Calendar planning meeting down Cox Wood in July, and the subsequent online survey which was completed by over two thirds of you all. We hope that this way we have put on the events you want to do!

District events enable young people to develop further by realising they are part of the World’s biggest youth movement. They also make things easier for leaders by pooling resources.

Click here for a weekly calendar for 2019 – we hope you’ll use it to add your own programme which is of course done each week.

Full details are also online here with links to a separate page for each event. These pages will be updated with full details and flyers as the year goes on.

We’re also going to be working hard on getting these full details out to Section Leaders within 6 term weeks of the event this year to ensure you have time to share the details with parents and collect bookings. We appreciate this is something we’ve not got right in the past, but please do remember those organising these events usually have their own Sections to run as well as District events.