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Incubation & Masterclassing

If you manage to recruit a whole new team of Leaders to run a Section, these are two methods to get them started without throwing them in the deep end:


This is only possible if the new Leaders won’t be running the Section from the start.

In the weeks leading up to them taking over the running of their Section, ideally a whole half term, ask if they can go along to a different Group each week and join in with their Section. This will allow them to see how existing Groups run things, have a go themselves and get tips from other Leaders.

They could be ‘incubated’ at the same Group throughout, but it’s best to move around so they can see different ways of doing things, and also this avoids them getting attached to that Group and wanting to join there instead!


This is ideal if the new Leaders are starting at their Section straight away, either it’s a new Section and it’s started, or an existing Section where the former Leaders have left.

Invite experienced Leaders from existing Sections to come along and run the night with a different Leader taking charge each week, ideally for a whole half term. This only means the experienced Leader gives up one extra night of their time, and the new Leaders experience a range of ways of doing things.

Ensure the Leaders who volunteer to do a Masterclass are supported with resources and by knowing what the other Leaders have done so the programme is varied.

Once the new Leaders have had half a term either being incubated at different Groups, or having a different masterclass each week for half a term, they should be in a place to plan their own programme and fly solo!