We’ve completed a regular review of how we communicate – something it’s important to do now and again as needs and options are constantly changing.

It’s important to recognise that not everyone will be happy using the same communications methods, but we need to balance this with keeping things simple.

The full details can be found on our the Cracking Communications page, but the headlines are…

WhatsApp instead of Slack

We’ll cease using Slack to communicate (for those that don’t know it was a third party communications app and website) and instead use WhatsApp for short and important messages and discussions.

There are WhatsApp groups for a number of areas and these are listed at the end of this email.

It’s important that as new adults volunteer that their line managers invite them to join the appropriate groups.

Notification and Reference

It’s important to appreciate that we have methods to notify people about information but also make it easy to find the information weeks after the initial notification goes out.

We will use WhatsApp and email to send out notifications, and the District website as a fixed place where information can be found later.

We will show more adults how to put information on the District website, and ask those that share information on WhatsApp, via email and on Facebook to consider posting on the website if it’s something that needs to be found later.


Just to underline – the Wrexham District website, the Clwyd Area website and the main scouts.org.uk website are the place to go to find things out. If you want to know anything, from upcoming events, to rules and regulations, then head online.


We will keep the Wrexham Scouts Volunteers Facebook group going, but this will just be for less important ‘nice to know’ information rather than ‘need to know’ which will be sent out via WhatsApp and email.