A massive congratulations to Sam Roberts, lead volunteer of 1st Rhosnesni who has been presented with the F Jones Initiative’s Recognition Award.

The F Jones Initiative is a new charity created by two family-run businesses in Wrexham, named in honor of Fred Jones, who ran Jones’s Fish and Chip Shop on St Georges Crescent in Wrexham. The Initiative aims to shine a light on positive things in Wrexham.

Many of you will know Sam – not least by the absolute magic she works with 5 Asda trollies full of food and a dodgy gas stove on District camps – but she does so much more good work outside Scouts.

How she has time for it all we’ll never know, but we also know that she’s just one example of so many amazing volunteers we are so lucky to have in Wrexham Scouts.

Well done Sam. You so deserve this recognition!

The second winner this month of our recognition award is Sam Roberts

Sam is the granddaughter of our other winner this month, the only remaining WWII veteran Ted Edwards, whose amazing story we posted earlier.

Sam, her husband and son have lived together with Ted for the last 24 years.

Until last year, Sam has been her 97 year old granddad’s sole carer for many years.

Sam is representative of the millions of ordinary people over the world, who care for loved family members, with very little recognition for what they do.

Our unsung heroes.

Sam also works as a home shopper picker for Asda, working the 2am- 8am shift, so she can be with Ted in the day.

During the pandemic lockdown Sam took up the challenge of working to keep the country fed.

The store’s three teams have picked 30,000 items per shift, helping to keep us all fed and watered and safe.

The day we originally spoke to Sam about Ted, she had been working and picked 1,100 items herself and had only had one hours sleep that day!

As well as caring for Ted and picking our home shopping, Sam is also Group Scout Leader for the 1st Rhosnesni Scouts. She has been associated with the scouts for 20 years and became involved initially when her son Lewis joined. Sam is in charge of group leaders, the safety of the group and runs the Beaver groups. She is also the chief cook for district camp.

Sam definitely takes after her grandad. Her son Lewis has represented scouts from Wrexham in the world scout jamboree in Japan, six years ago. Sam organised raising the money for the trip by fund raising, bag packing and car boot sales.

This enabled the scouts to go to Japan for 3 weeks, where they visited Hiroshima, rode on a bullet train, mixed with other scouts from all over the world, swapped badges and uniforms, stayed with a Japanese family and immersed themselves in their culture.

Sam is an extremely busy lady, who adores her grandad. Her life has been very stressful, her son Lewis recently survived a brain haemorrhage, they have all had Covid and along with Ted’s broken femur, it has been a tough 12 months.

Sam still carries on doing all these amazing things she does for others, which is why we felt that Sam, as well as her grandad was a worthy winner of The F Jones Initiative award and we are awarding them both this month.

Well done Sam!

F Jones Initiative citation