Welcome to your round-up of news from Wrexham Scouts

A packed Round-up this time, but please keep reading as I have some things which I really think will help you…!

First, we have a series of new online resources on the District website to help support the recruitment and support of new adult volunteers.

Welcoming New Volunteers. We’re actually not bad at recruiting new adults into Scouts, but we’re often terrible at welcoming and supporting them. We’ve listened to recent feedback and moved the Welcome Pack – which was previously a printed booklet – online. The new resource features a step by step guide of what new volunteers should be doing. This will hopefully ensure they have the information they need, and also take some pressure off line managers. Please can I ask that anyone welcoming a new volunteer shares this link with them as soon as they’ve attended their first session: wrexhamscouts.org.uk/welcome

Training Page. Linked to the above, I’ve also updated the training page to make it much more obvious what training volunteers need to do, based on their role. You can find this at wrexhamscouts.org.uk/training

Adult Recruitment. I’ve visited several Groups now and spoken to parents about flexible volunteering, which has resulted in quite a few new volunteers. The basic message is people often don’t volunteer because they don’t know what they’d be expected to do, or think they’ll be expected to do everything! Please share our new adult recruitment tool with parents and adults who may be willing to help but don’t know how: wrexhamscouts.org.uk/help

Supply Leaders. I’m pretty certain that there are people out there who don’t currently volunteer, or are maybe Occasional Helpers, who would be up for running a Section meeting now and again when we’re short. Not every week, probably not even every month, but just now and again when the regular leader team can’t be there which means a Section can’t meet. They’d need to do the same training as a Section Leader, but without the regular commitment. If this is you, or you know someone, please speak to your local Group or Unit, or let me know. For those running Groups and Sections, follow this link for more information.

In other news…

Suspension for Overdue Mandatory Training. I have now started suspending volunteers who have overdue Safety or Safeguarding training. Please don’t end up being one of these because we need every volunteer we have. The training is online and only needs to be renewed every 3 years. Check your Compass record today to see if you’re up to date.

All Volunteers Meeting. Thanks to those who attended the recent meetings. One of the big things which came out of these was the lack of support for new volunteers which has led to the stuff above. We also looked at District events and feedback on the Resource Centre which the District Team will be discussing shortly. You told use you still valued face-to-face First Aid training despite it being available online now, so we ran a course and plan to run more, and we’ve passed on your comments on Cox Wood to the campsite crew.

Photo of the Month. Can anyone help me by taking this on? I need someone who knows a thing or two about photography who can judge the best photo which is submitted, and then share it on our social media accounts. I’ve been doing it until now but it’s something I need to hand over. Let me know if you can help.

That’s it for this time!

Thanks everyone for all that you do.

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