The second of Anne-Marie’s challenges this week as all about boxes…

As you all know I love boxes. You only have to look in my resource centre and it’s full of them.

This week’s challenge for all sections involves a box. You can use any type of box that you may have at home – remember this is a stay at home challenge!

We want you to fill your box with items that make you happy and that you can go to when you’re feeling a bit sad during Lockdown. We don’t know when lockdown is going to end and we need to look after ourselves.

This could be anything – maybe there is a particular CD that you like to listen to, a book that you like to read, anything that you like to do at home which will fit in your box. It could be something that just makes you laugh like a particular photo – you decide what goes in. Perhaps we could share these ideas?

(This could be developed further for when we are out of lockdown and it could be a memory box of things you did during the lockdown and helped you)