Help us keep Scouts going. It’s never been so important for our young people.

While Scouts isn’t meeting face to face (to keep everyone safe) it’s more important than ever to make sure that we’re prepared for continuing into the future. Groups and Explorer Scout Units have fixed costs, which they have to pay, whether we’re meeting face to face or not.

Subscriptions charged by Groups and Units cover membership fees to support local and national services, which include volunteer training and support, insurances, safeguarding, legal protection, and the development and support of our programme; as well as the running costs of each Group and Unit; some of which are fixed. 

We’re all dealing with extraordinary circumstances and we know that parents and carers of our members may be facing financial challenges of their own. However, we would ask that parent and carers give thought to the level at which they feel able to continue to financially support their Group or Unit during this period.

Unless advised otherwise by a Group or Unit; if parents and carers feel able to continue to pay membership subscriptions for each young person, we would be very grateful. It will mean that we can still be here ready to welcome back all of our young people, when this crisis passes.

If parents and carers are in a difficult position, we would ask that they please make contact with Group leadership teams, as we do not wish to cause any further financial hardship, and would want to discuss this.

We’re still working to support all our members, at home, to continue learning skills…

  1. Take a look at our Stay Home Scouting page, to take part in local weekly challenges
  2. Explore, which is a collection of over 100 fun activities to help our young people have fun and keep learning
  3. Many of our Groups, Units and Districts are arranging online meetings of their members, and also setting daily and weekly challenges for our members to take part in

Scouts is so important to our young people and to our communities…

Each of our 14 Groups and 4 Explorer Scout Units are run entirely by unpaid volunteers, as well as being part of a national membership organisation.

Thanks in advance to those able to continue to support us financially now. This support will help to ensure our provision is still here for the 800 young people we serve across Wrexham, when these challenging times have passed.

Thanks for sticking with us. It’s your support that counts the most.

Moz Morris
District Commissioner