I was absolutely delighted to have had the honour to recognise the service of some amazing volunteers yesterday.

I awarded Chief Scout’s Long Service Awards amounting to ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY YEARS of commitment to the Scouts. Normally you’d expect this to be for about 10 people, but exceptionally this was to just 3 people yesterday. Thank you so much to Mary Pugh for 40 years of service, Jan George also for 40 years of service, and the incredible Ron Edwards who’s given 60 years of service.

Mary was formerly a leader with 1st Coedpoeth before becoming a member of the District Fellowship, Jan has had many roles including Assistant District Commissioner, District Commissioner and laterly with training. Ron was involved with 5th Wrexham, training and most recently as District Archivist.

While we’re grateful to any volunteer, no matter how many years they are able to commit, it’s getting increasingly rare for people to be able to continue helping for this length of time, so it’s even more special to give Length of Service Awards.

To top things off I was so pleased to be able to recognise the exceptional volunteering of Sandra Jones by presenting her the Award for Merit on behalf of the Chief Scout. Her role as Appointments Secretary is one of the most unsung of roles.

Most kids and parents are unaware of what Sandra does, but week in week out she carefully checks DBS forms, inputs data online, invites people to interviews and makes sure we have the property checked adult volunteers without which the Scouts would be nothing.

So a huge thank you and congratulations  to Sandra Jones, and also to Mary Pugh, Jan George and Ron Edwards. Four absolute heroes of Scouting.

Moz Morris
District Commissioner