I’m sad to announce that the man, the legend, Jim Butcher is standing down as Deputy District Commissioner. Butch has been at my side for the last two years as DDC and for many years before that in previous roles. He’s been Ronnie Barker to my Ronnie Corbett (yes the much funnier clever one).

He’s worked incredibly hard since taking on the role, but has found that due to increased pressures in work he just doesn’t have the time to give the attention he’s happy with.

I’d like to say a massive thanks to Butch for everything he’s done: calming me down when I’ve got a stupid idea, asking me how I’m actually going to pay for it, reminding me to do virtually everything, and constantly two steps behind with a shovel clearing up my mess. He cares passionately about Scouting and will be missed.

He’ll be opening a little antiques shop in his retirement where he’ll be very happy.

District Commissioner