Last night we held a District Team meeting. I think it’s important that we do our Scouting openly and everyone gets a chance to understand what we do at these meetings. So here’s what we discussed…
1. Budget

For the first time we’ve actually set down a planned budget for what we’re going to spend as a District in 2017. It’s split into two budgets: one which covers ‘programme’ items, and one which covers ‘headquarters’ items. See the pie charts below which explain where the money will go this year.


programme budget hq budget
At the meeting we went through with the budget holders for each area what they had to spend and the correct procedure for accounting.
If anyone has any questions, please let us know.
2. Communications
We went through the various ways we want to communicate with you guys.
There are three main ways:
  • moving away from using MailChimp to using Compass which will give us up to date details to email you and text
  • updating this website, so that important information is easy to find here, not buried on the Facebook group
  • using the Print Centre to create posters and flyers to share with parents, leaders and young people
Sam will be running a workshop on the 16th February to go through some of these.
3. Join Ins
These are great ways for the District Team to get out and meet you the Leaders and for you to get to know us!
Feedback we’ve received is that you want us to come and #JoinIn with your meetings more, so that’s one of the things we spent time planning last night.
Remember, when we come, we’ll be asking “what do you want us to do” – we don’t want to be standing around getting in the way!
4. Youth Shaped Scouting
We discussed how the Assistant District Youth Commissioners are getting on and how we can help them to grow into their roles more.
All three ADYCs will be Joining In with District events for their Sections this coming #YouShape2017 which takes place throughout February. We talked about what they are going to do at these events and what feedback we wanted from the young people.
We also talked about how we’re going to train up more young people to take part in Youth Shaped Scouting in the future.
5. Planning for the future
A few anomalies in the Calendar for 2017 were spotted and we fixed these so we have a clear plan how we are going to listen to the young people, the leaders and come up with the District programme for 2018.
6. Biscuits
As it was Burn’s night we had shortbread to go with our tea!
So, that’s what goes on at District Team meetings. If you have any questions, please let us know. Find out who is on our District Team.