We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Elliot Jones as District Scout Network Commissioner!

Elliot has this to say:

13292783_10205173537372424_1266661208_n“Hi everyone. Some of you may know me, if not feel free to message me (I’m easy to find on Facebook or my email is elliot.wrexhamscouts@gmail.com)

“My aim is to simply have a thriving network in Wrexham. Open to anyone in the 18-25 age range regardless of their role (or non role) in Wrexham.

“When? My aim is to have a Wrexham Scout Network in existence in as little as 2 months

“Those of you in this age bracket will be hearing from us in the near future through email and there will be posts around Facebook, just remember to keep an eye out!”

District Commissioner Moz Morris said: “I’m really excited about Elliot’s plans. This age group is full of really talented people who already put so much into Scouting in the District and deserve a platform like this to work – and play – together!”

If you want to know more about Network in the meantime, check out their swanky new website: ukscoutnetwork.org.uk