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Ethnicity & Religion

Please reply to the text you’ve just had with options from the lists below.

For example if you are Black Caribbean and Muslim, reply with 5E.

Or if it’s easier, you can fill in this quick form – https://clwydscouts.org.uk/diversity-info-wrexham

Thanks for your time.


1. English/Welsh/Scottish/
Northern Irish/British

2. Irish

3. Gypsy or Irish Traveller

4. Any other White background

5. White and Black Caribbean

6. White and Black African

7. White and Asian

8. Any other mixed or Multiple ethic group

9. Indian

10. Pakistani

11. Bangladeshi

12. Chinese

13. Any other Asian Background

14. African

15. Caribbean

16. Any other Black/African/Caribbean background

17. Arab

18. Other

19. Prefer not to say


A. Buddhist

B. Christian (including all Christian denominations)

C. Hindu

D. Jewish

E. Muslim

F. Sikh

G. Any other religion

H. No religion

I. Prefer not to say