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Adult Awards

Bar to the Award for Merit

Colleen Graham

Chief Scouts’ Long Service Award

20 years – Dorothy Lesbirel
15 years – Trev Haughton
15 years – Chris Maddocks
10 years – Butch Butcher
10 years – Peter Griffiths
10 years – Anne-Marie Roberts
10 years – Aaron Wright
5 years – Steve Davies
5 years – Debbie Henfrey-Collins
5 years – Daniel Jones
5 years – Nick Price
5 years – Jason Topliss
5 years – Kelvin Vernon

Wood Badge

Paul Marles
Peter Griffiths
Murray Sturrock
Daniel Jones
David Burton
Neil Curtis
Pete Griffiths
Ethan Smee
Rachel Harris

Youth Awards

Chief Scout’s Bronze Award

Chief Scout’s Silver Award

Chief Scout’s Gold Award

Chief Scout’s Platinum Award & Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze

Chief Scout’s Diamond Award & Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Silver

Young Leader Belt

All as of the District AGM, July 3rd 2019