Young Leaders application form

Fill in this form if

  • you’re not currently a Young Leader but are aged 14-18 and interested in volunteering
  • you’re currently a Young Leader working with a Group but haven’t filled in this form before


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If you're NOT CURRENTLY helping as a Young Leader, please tell us...

Or if you are ALREADY helping at a Section, which one is it...?

You will need to complete Module A within 3 months of starting as a Young Leader

As a registered Data Controller, The Scout Association is committed to the Data Principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.
Once this form is completed, we will contact the parent/carer to verify that they agree to the Scout Association during and beyond their child’s involvement with the organisation:
a)  Retaining personal data to facilitate any present or potential future involvement with Scouting
b)  Allowing access to personal data to appropriate individuals within the hierarchy of Scouting
We will keep this permission on file. If we do not get this permission we will destroy the data held.