Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people - Discover what this means

Volunteering Development Team

This is a draft team description. A finalised version will be shared later in 2023.


The District Volunteering Development Team makes sure all volunteers in their District have a positiveand enjoyable volunteering experience. They make it easy for people to join and learn new skills. 

Who’s in the team

  • Volunteering Development Team Leader 
  • Volunteering Development Team Members 
  • Team Leaders of any sub–teams of the District Volunteering Development Team 

Tasks for the whole team

Make sure all District teams follow and reflect on Our Volunteering Culture

Allocated tasks

Attract and welcome new volunteers to District and Group teams 

  • Use Scouts branded resources to attract new volunteers. 
  • Reply quickly and positively to possible new volunteers. 
  • Make sure volunteers are welcomed easily and smoothly. 
  • Hold inductions with Group Lead Volunteers and other Group and District Leadership Team Members. 

Make sure volunteers are well supported 

  • Help and encourage Team Leaders (including Group Lead Volunteers) to have regular reviews with volunteers in their teams. 
  • Make sure all District teams (including Group Lead Volunteers) follow our approach to safe volunteer recruitment, appointment, reviews, and processes for leaving Scouts. 

Help volunteers with learning 

  • Help volunteers and Young Leaders find and engage in opportunities for learning and development. 
  • Coordinate Scouts learning that needs to be delivered by an accredited trainer or facilitator – including coordinating and supporting the trainers. 
  • Use the learning delivery materials developed by Scouts (e.g. training sessions, workshops, activities, etc.), and make changes (when necessary) so activities are accessible for everyone. 
  • Help volunteers connect across the District and beyond to learn, share best practices and overcome shared challenges. 
  • Set up learning opportunities with external organisations (if relevant and helpful). 
  • Make sure volunteers can be recognised for prior learning and experience, and have it credited in their records. 
  • Learn from people in other Volunteering Development Teams

Recognise volunteers 

  • Recognise and appreciate volunteers for their brilliant work, formally and informally.