Sections must have an adult who has the appropriate skills and knowledge present to be able to meet. We call these volunteers Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders. If someone with this role is unable to make it the Section can’t meet.

There are likely to be adults out there who have the skills and ability to run a night, but haven’t become Section Leaders because they don’t have the time to commit regularly.

We could put these two things together to solve the issue.

Supply Leaders could – with the appropriate learning and support – fill in now and again when Sections are short.

But – there isn’t a role called Supply Leader…!

Yes, there is a small technical issue in that we don’t actually have a role of ‘Supply Leader’ – but we can get round that!

If you are going to be covering in just one Section, then you would take on the role of Assistant Section Leader on our Membership Database which is called Compass.

If you are happy to cover Sections across the District, then you would take on the role of District Section Leader.

Just tell everyone you are a Supply Leader and will only come if they are desperate and then only if you can make it.