What we want parents to do…

These activities are – as far as possible – for the young person to follow themselves, but they will need your help sometimes. We know you didn’t sign up to be a Scout Leader but hope you can find a little bit of time to help.

  • Look out for activities each week and gather any resources your child will need to have a go
  • Share activity with your child(ren)
  • Encourage them to have a go, helping them with any activities if you can
  • Share what they’ve done with their Leader on their Scout Group or Explorer Scout Unit Facebook group

The most important thing with Scouts challenges and awards is that it’s all about doing your best. So if they don’t do everything it says, as long as they’ve done most of it that’s fine. It’s also better for them to do a bad job of something themselves, than for you to do it for them. We all learn from our mistakes. Please do ensure you do a quick risk check before letting them loose too! Good luck.