Week 3 – Values

1. Video Dairy
Start a lockdown video dairy, recording an entry each evening. Talk about how you’re feeling, what’s good about lockdown and what’s bad. Share your thoughts on what’s going on in the news, how are you getting on with your family. You don’t have to share it obviously, but it’s just good to get it out there.

2. Better Mental Health Bingo
What’s been going on? Fill out your card the fastest to win by finding out how our family manage their mental health.

Click here for the activity

While Explorers are doing Values as a theme this week, the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are doing fitness, and as we didn’t want the Explorers to miss out on Liam’s fitness class here it is for you to have a go at too…

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The Great Indoors Weekender

The UK’s biggest digital summer camp
11-12 July

From graduations to trips with friends, young people have missed out on all kinds of things this year. We think they deserve something really special – something for Scouts and non-Scouts, all around the globe – so we’re holding (cue big, boomy voice) The Great Indoors Weekender!

Join the UK’s biggest digital summer camp from your living room (or garden, anywhere at home – it’s up to you)

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