Promise day info for Leaders

Here’s the map for Promise Day.

Can Groups please ask their young people to meet at their base at 12 before circulating around the other bases.

Moz will ensure each Group has the correct number of wristbands based on numbers booked. Please ensure these are worn by your young people.

Any young people attending from Groups who aren’t running a base are to meet at the bandstand.

There will also be flyers with a list of bases and a map. Please ensure young people are told NOT to drop these on the ground or put down and forget when doing an activity. If you see any on the floor please pick up. We need to keep the park tidy.

First Aid point is at the band stand and we will also try to provide drinks either from here or from the cooking base. Toilets are in the community centre and we will also try and get the football changing room opened for further toilets.

Weather forecast is dry at the moment but it’s showery this week so this could change. It’ll also be colder than it’s been. As this is an outdoor event please ensure young people dress appropriately. They will also need to wear uniform please.

Please ensure no young people leave before the Promise ceremony at the end and then please manage pick up by parents in your Groups.

On site car parking is restricted to ONE CAR per Group in car park marked on map. No vehicles can move on site between 12 and 2.30 so please park up BEFORE 12 and don’t leave until after 2.30.

Should be a great day. See you all Sunday!