Previous events

On this page you’ll find a list of events which have recently taken place with the badge requirements they will have covered off. All badge requirements are listed on the national Scouts website – just click on the relevant Section, then badges & awards


Event: Offa’s Orrible Hike

Badge requirements: Expedition Challenge, Nights Away, Hikes Away

Event: Area Camp

Badge requirements: 3 more nights away, then depending on what bases they did they may have completed parts of their Adventure Challenge, Outdoors Challenge, Skills Challenge, and World Challenge

Event: Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expeditions

Badge requirements: 2 more nights away (one for the expedition and one for the training weekend); 2 more hikes away (one for each day walking); Emergency aid stage 4 (except they need to demonstrate they know how to help with meningitis); Navigator stage 3 complete, some aspects of 4 and 5 have been met but they need to demonstrate more use of a compass; requirement 2 of the hill walker badge, they need to complete 5 one day hikes, at least one has to be longer than 14km and two have to be in terrain two areas; depending on how they do their presentation they could also meet parts of the digital maker and digital citizen stage awards as well

Event: Jamboree on the Trail
Badge requirements: Hikes away

Event: Wye Cruise
Badge requirements: 3 x Time on the water, 2 x Hikes away, 3 x Nights Away