Youth Shaped

To support Youth Shaped, as a District we plan to…

Appoint a District Youth Commissioner

We used to have a fantastic DYC who did some great work, but he has left us so we need to fill this role. We do have a District Youth Team who do great work, but we need to continue to support them.

Support our District Youth Team to develop a Youth Shaped Scouting action plan

We will use the new resource, A Guide to Youth Commissioners, to help support Youth Commissioners and develop a Youth Shaped Scouting action plan.

Support two 18-24 year olds as members of the District Executive Committee

We currently have one 18-24 year old on our Exec. We will aim to recruit another one, and give support for them using the Young People on Committees resource to understand how best to support 18-24 year olds on executive committees and use the Executive Committees for Young People resource for 18-24 year olds who have just been appointed or are interested in an executive committee position.