To support Growth, as a District we plan to…

Ensure all Groups are complete (no missing Sections)

In Wrexham, most Groups have their full compliment of Sections, so we don’t see this as an issue (there are some missing and we will look at these).

Instead we feel there are opportunities for growth in ensuring all Sections are full – we have quite a few with room for more young people. This may be down to lack of Leaders leading to temporary cover which makes the programme suffer.

We will work with Groups to ensure all Sections are full.

Appoint a District growth & development lead and develop a growth strategy

We already have an existing growth plan aimed at helping Groups & Units to both recruit and retain more adults and young people, but we aim to appoint someone to look at this further, using the data from census to better target potential opportunities.

Ensure that a quality programme and practical skills event is put on for Section Leaders each year

We will change one of our Section Leaders’ meetings each year into a skills & programme workshop.