We’d love you to join our team of adult volunteers, helping young people have adventures – as well as getting loads out of it yourself!

Please get in touch if you feel you can help, or want more information

At the moment we’re specifically looking for people who can…

Look after our building

District HQ

Our District HQ is a busy hub for the Scouts in Wrexham. It’s used two nights of the week by Scout Groups, the Shop and Resource Centre on Wednesdays, meetings and training sessions throughout the week and external bookings too. We’re looking for a Headquarters Manager – someone who can spend up to an hour a week at the building checking everything is working, doing minor repairs and maintenance, or calling in tradespeople if needed for bigger jobs. If you could handle bookings inquiries too that’d be amazing!

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Make us youth-shaped

We need a self-driven young adult, aged 18-25, to ensure Scouting in Wrexham is run BY young people FOR young people. Going out to groups and getting young people’s opinions & ideas, putting these views into actions, and encouraging young people to work in partnership with adults to run activities.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not been a Scout before – if you’re passionate about getting the voices of young people heard, this is for you!

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Manage other adults

If you’ve ever led a small team in work, or organised a community event, or even planned a family holiday, you’ll have the skills to help support the leaders who put on activities for the kids. Group Scout Leaders are crucial to our work and we need more of them!

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Welcome adult volunteers

The role of Appointments Secretary is crucial to ensuring those who volunteer to help us are welcomed, but also that they are suitable to work with young people. If you’re great at admin, then maybe this very important role is for you, or one you can share with others. We currently have a fantastic person in the role, but we’re looking for someone to deputise when she’s away.

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Help behind the counter

Our Scout Shop which opens at our headquarters every Wednesday night is the beating heart of the District. Everyone pops in, parents come to get uniform, and it’s a real buzz. We need more people to help behind the counter, or behind the scenes with orders.

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Answer the phone & emails

We get several emails and phone calls a week from people wanting to join Scouting. Can you help join a team of people handling these emails and phone calls and directing their enquiries to the correct people?

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Inspire the next generation

Of course our biggest need is for people to help run fantastic activities for our young people. We need…

  • section leaders, who plan and deliver the weekly programme
  • section assistants, who just turn up each week and help out
  • occasional helpers, who come along when they can
  • Young Leaders, if you’re aged 14-18

If you want to work with Beaver Scouts aged 6-8, Cub Scouts aged 8-10½, Scouts aged 10½-14 or Explorer Scouts aged 14-18 please email hello@wrexhamscouts.org.uk


Please get in touch if you feel you can help, or want more information