Still with us? Fantastic!

Hopefully you’re still enjoying your time with the Scouts, and everything has been fine so far. Some stuff may still seem a bit confusing – yes, we do like our abbreviations & acronyms don’t we – but you’ll get there.

This final part of our Welcome Pack is here to lay out in detail the next stages as you settle in with us.

The information on this page should have been given to you in a booklet when you went for your DBS check – please speak to your line manager if this wasn’t the case

Remember, while this may be a useful guide, it can’t beat one-to-one support from a real human being. We are realistic though: the person who is your line manager is a volunteer too, and is likely a very busy person who will forget things from time to time.

If you do feel you’re not getting the personal support you need however, please do let us know. See the Key District contacts in Well Done You Survived.

Finally for now, a massive THANK YOU, for all you are doing, and all you are about to do!

District Commissioner
Wrexham Scouts
07779 272340

Young People First

First of all – a reminder of the most important thing: keeping young people safe. This comes as paramount in all we do.

You will have been given a Yellow Card, but here it is again. Please carry it with you and refer to it frequently…

A few house rules

We don’t want to go on about rules & regulations, we’re all here to have fun after all, but there are a couple of things we’d like you to remember…

  • Keep to the Yellow Card guidelines
  • Make sure that every activity you do has a named Leader in charge, and that this person, the other adults, and the young people know who it is
  • Be aware of the number of young people are taking part in the activity you are running and you do frequent head counts to ensure nobody is missing
  • Do a risk assessment for every activity you do, even if it’s just a mental one
  • If you are taking the young people away from the normal meeting place, or are meeting outside of your usual hours, you have let the District Commissioner know
  • Only adults with the appropriate permits may run adventurous activities and events which involve a young person having a night away from home
  • Young Leaders are young people and must be treated as such, including adults not being alone with them, and providing separate sleeping accommodation from both the Beavers, Cubs and/or Scouts, and the adults
  • Please don’t go to the media about getting press coverage for your Section, instead contact our Media Development Manager who will coordinate this for you
  • If you’re not sure ASK!

It’s NOT a toggle!

The adult uniform is a stone coloured shirt worn with a necker. Some leaders use a ‘woggle’ to hold their necker on, others are more cool and tie it in a friendship knot!

Each Group has a different coloured necker. There is a District necker which is black with a light blue border, worn by members of the District Team and all Explorer Scouts.

You can get your uniform from Wrexham Scout Shop.

Do you have an appointment?

You’ll hear the word ‘appointment’ a lot. We use the word to mean that an adult has been properly assigned, or appointed to, a role. Here’s the stages in the appointment process, showing pre-provisional, provisional and full appointments:

NB – an adult with a FULL Section Leader or Assistant Section Leader appointment must be present or responsible for every activity

Job Interview!?

The next stage for most roles* is to meet the Appointments Advisory Committee. This is a small group of people who meet with new volunteers to make sure they are suitable for their role. It’s a very friendly, informal chat, but you’ll understand that for role which will be responsible for young people it’s important we have this conversation.

You will receive an invitation to meet the Committee from our Appointments Secretary. Please do all you can to attend as the Committee members are volunteers too and will have given up an evening to come together to meet several new volunteers.

Once the committee has met you, in most cases they will contact the relevant Commissioner who will approve your appointment.

*all Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Managers need to attend Appointments Advisory Committee. Section Assistants don’t need to, nor do they need to make the Promise but they may wear uniform

Getting Started

Training is there to make sure you are confident doing the role you’ve been appointed to. It’s split into Modules – for some roles there are just one or two Modules, for others there are more.

You will have a Training Advisor (click here to find out who this is for you) who you should meet with as soon as you can after starting out. They will explain the training scheme to you and go through the Modules with you. We recognise prior knowledge and experience, so there may be Modules you won’t have to do the training for – just demonstrate to your Training Advisor that you meet the criteria for that topic.

The first step for most roles is to complete Modules 1 & 3. Module 1 is about Essential Information: child protection, safety and fundamentals of Scouting. Module 3 is Tools for the Job and goes through how to actually run a Section. Confusingly Module 2 isn’t actually a proper module, it’s just completing your training plan with your Training Advisor. You won’t have a full appointment until you complete these Modules.

Click here for more information on training

I Promise

For Section Leaders and Assistant Section Leaders you will need to be a Member of the Scout Association, to become a Member you just need to accept our fundamentals and make the Scout Promise. This will usually be done in an informally in front of your Section by your line manager. We encourage people to do this in a fun, active, memorable way rather than a stuffy ceremony.

Section Assistants only need to be Associate Members and so don’t need to make the Promise, but of course they can if they would like to.

That’s it!

So hopefully once you’ve completed the above you’ll be all sorted and ready to get properly stuck in.

We encourage line managers to have regular informal reviews with volunteers to check they are OK and happy with their roles. If nobody asks you these questions, please ask if you can have an informal review, or let us know.

Every five years we do a formal review where we double check you’re happy.

Thank you!

Finally, thank you so much for actually reading all this – let along doing all what it talks about. We hope it’s not too complicated, but we do have to do things properly to ensure Scouting works safely and for the benefit of the young people!

Have fun!