We need to make sure moving on to the next Section is something young people are keen to do – this is a time when we lose lots of youth members so it’s key. We also need to make sure young people are aware of opportunities when they turn 18.

Lots of young people moving on to the next Section, or turning 18, at the same time can pose a threat to the Section they are moving on from if it’s not managed properly, so there are some suggestions on this too.

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  • Hold regular joint activities with older/younger Sections so they are aware of what’s next
  • Talk to them about moving on to the next Sections in plenty of time
  • Work towards their Moving On Award
  • Plan ahead to start recruiting younger ones to replace them
  • Attempt an even spread across age range
  • For those approaching 18 talk about leadership opportunities and Network


Sometimes young people will want to leave – find out how we can manage this in the best way: Exit