This is your website: the go-to place to find info about Wrexham Scouts and to help our volunteers in their roles.

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Things you can find

  • For our volunteers
    • latest news & info (you can add to this yourselves!)
    • programme ideas
    • full list of District events including online booking
    • how to take part in adventurous activities with your Section
    • the latest adult training info
    • who your training advisor is
    • information for and about Young Leaders
    • the form you need to fill in if you’re taking young people away from their homes for the night
    • how to keep up up to date with the numbers in your Section
    • about our campsite including how to book for a camp or evening visit
    • how to book a room in our headquarters or use it’s climbing wall or borrow the kayaks stored there
    • how to request a District Team join-in
    • how to maintain healthy numbers in your Section