You’ve seen those big boards they have on police drama where they stick photos up and pieces of evidence under different headings. Well Trello is a bit like an online version of that! It’s made up of…

  • Boards
  • Lists
  • Cards

If you think of one of those police boards, it’s headed Operation Scout Camp at the top – that’s our board.

The board has three lines of black insulation tape running from top to bottom dividing the board into 4 columns, headed ‘Not allocated’, ‘Not started’, ‘In progress’, ‘Done’ – these are our lists.

Each column has post-it notes, with various scribbled information on each, some have to do lists, some a date on, others have bills attached with a paper clip – these are our cards.

The post-it notes each tally with some aspect of the planning of the Scout Camp. As that aspect goes from not allocated, to not started, to in progress, to done, everyone who has access to the board can see where it is, and what’s been done. It’s a great way of collaborative working and planning.

Trello is like this, just online!